Monday, February 24, 2020

WhatsApp group chats are not secure

Your WhatsApp group chats are not secure.

you can also read unknown messages, find links of groups on the Internet
200 crores of the world and 40 crores of people of India use WhatsApp on their mobile and every user is connected to many groups. If you are also among those, they share personal information on such groups and be cautious. Your groups can easily read messages from strangers. There is no denying that your name and phone number may also fall in unknown hands.
Actually, according to the report of the website Motherboard, the link of the Lakshya WhatsApp group is available on Google. Motherboard's team detected and joined the WhatsApp group of an NGO preferably from the United Nations. Information about this security-related loophole was first shared by a journalist named Jordan Willden on Twitter. They discovered that the 'Invite to Group Link' feature of WhatsApp can be searched on Google. According to app staff engineer Jane Wong, Google shows 4,70,000 results on searching ''.

That's why: Admins use the 'Invite to Group via Link' feature to add people to the group, but they share it on social media or a website. In such a search engine like Google find it.
WhatsApp clarified Spokeswoman Alison Bainey said 'Invite links can be shared on the public channel just like any content so anyone can access it.' While Google's licensing officer Danny Sullivan tweeted, "Google and others The search engine application show the results available on the web. ”However, Google stopped indexing after the matter was revealed. However, it is available on other search engines.

Privacy threat continues on WhatsApp

In May 2019, there were reports of hacking of WhatsApp with a spyware tool called Israeli Software Pegasus. Through this, the user's cloud-based account could be accessed.
{In November 2019, India's cybersecurity agency CERT-In issued a warning to WhatsApp users that the virus is spreading along with the MP4 file. Due to this, personal information of users is in danger of being stolen. So do not download this file.

Do not share admin online link: Expert

According to experts, administrators themselves are sharing group invites online. They should share the link only with those they know. Do not share it on any website.