Monday, February 24, 2020

Michael is one of the richest sportsmen today

Born in a very poor family, Michael is one of the richest sportsmen today.

Name- Michael Jordan.
Profession - American Basketball Player / Businessman {Net worth - 1.9 billion dollars in so reading about- recently celebrated his 57th birthday.

This lesson was learned from his life

  • Expect yourself first and then work.
  • Don't wait for things to happen on their own.
  • Do your work with full passion.
  • Keep thinking about solving the problem.
  • Do what you want to do, do not be afraid of failure.

Talking about skate ball, Michael Jordan's name comes first. They are American basketball players who have now stopped playing. He was born in a very poor household and lived in a small hut with his family. But he always thought of doing something big, which would remove his poverty.
When he was 13 years old, his father called him and gave him an old used cloth and said, 'Son tell me how much it will cost?' Michael said after a little thought that it would be one dollar.
Then the father said that you have to go to the market and sell it for two dollars. Michael washed that cloth well and due to no ironing at home, he put it under a big bag of clothes. The next day he noticed that the cloth looked better than before. He went to a nearby railway station and sold the cloth after five hours of hard work. He came home happy and gave his father money.
About fifteen days later, the father gave him the same cloth again and said, "Go sell it for twenty dollars." Michael said with surprise, "Who will give twenty dollars?" The father said, "Try once." Michael then sets his mind and goes to town with the help of one of his friends and sticks a sticker of Mickey Mouse on the clothes. Taking this cloth, he stood in front of the school of the children of the rich family.
A young child saw them there and stubbornly bought clothes from his father. The child's father gave five dollars more. In this way, Jordan sold one dollar of clothes for $ 25 and told the father happy. A few days later the father gave a cloth again and this time said, 'Go sell it for $ 200.' It was too much. But Michael did not say anything because every time they were successful. This time he took two-three days. They did not understand how to price it for $ 200? Suddenly a thought came to his mind and he immediately went to the city. The famous actress came to the city that day.
They went to take the autograph of the actress, breaking the police cordon. She could not refuse to see the innocent child and gave her an autograph on the clothes. The next day Michael went to the market and started selling that cloth for $ 200. A crowd gathered to pick him up. The crowd grew so much that the clothes started to be bid. After all, a rich person bought the clothes for two thousand dollars.
When Michael arrived at the house with the money and narrated the whole story to the father, the father was in tears. He said, 'Son, you can do anything in your life.' Recalling this, Michael said in an interview that 'Where there is positive thinking, the paths are made automatically.' With negative thinking, You can never live a positive life. After this, Michael's father is convinced that his son can do anything. Today Michael is an example for the younger generation.
Michael Jordan was born on 17 February 1963 in Brooklyn, New York. He used to play basketball in school. Michael earned a worldwide name through the National Basketball Association. Michael retired from the game from 1997 to 1998, but he could not keep himself away from basketball for much longer.
In 2001, he again started playing for the Washington Wizards and was part of the same team for two years. In 2003, Michael said goodbye to the game. He competed in the Olympic Games twice and won the Gold Medal to the American basketball team both times. Michael Jordan is named among the world's most powerful celebrities and richest sportspersons.