Monday, February 24, 2020

CA is the backbone of the economy

Former CJI Mishra said - CA is the backbone of the economy, tell the taxpayer where tax planning and where theft is happening.

In a two-day conference of CA Branch Indore on Saturday, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Deepak Mishra said that CA is the backbone of the economy and they should tell their taxpayers where tax planning is taking place and what steps to take in the scope of tax evasion I will come It is right to file the right tax and only this will progress the country. He said that with the introduction of GST, the role of CA in the Indian tax system has increased further.

The less the disputes, the greater the productivity of the business

CJI Mishra said - Disputes will be minimal only then the productivity of the business will increase, but tax planning does not mean reducing the income or reducing the tax liability by increasing your expenses. Indore CA Branch President CA Pankaj Shah gave the welcome address. CA Samkit Bhandari, Kirti Joshi, Ankush Jain, Gaurav Maheshwari, Anil Garg, Mahesh Gupta, Abhay Sharma, ICSI President Ashish Garg were present in the program. Mishra also honored CA, lawyers.

Valuer also plays a role in bank loan scam: Vijayvargiya

Dr. Mukulita Vijayvargiya, the member of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India, said in a discussion with Bhaskar that the bank's NPA is decreasing after the new act comes in and the loan is being recovered. In the earlier scam, the valuer has also played a big role, which he used to do a valuation. A loan of Rs 300 crore was also given on a property of five crores. This is why these scams happened. Now the system is improving.