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Manage office and work stress like this

Manage office and work stress like this

Occupational or work stress is considered to be a major challenge for the health of the employee worldwide. Employees suffering from stress are poor health, less motivating, less productive and less secure at work. Stress-filled environment or employee's stress has a negative impact on the performance of the institute.


Low Salary
More workloads
lack of growth at work
not get the job of choice
Lack of boss support
lack of expectations
non-positive of peers
Workplace Disagreement

Loss of work stress

If the office stress lasts longer, it is not far away even when you reach home. The person is not normal, which affects his health. Stressful work place can cause an employee to face problems such as headache, stomach ache, sleep problems, increased anger and lack of focus on work.

Prolonged survival leads to problems such as aggravation, sleeplessness, worsening OFP and weakening of the immune system. It also leads to depression, obesity, and heart disease.

How to Manage

This tips will help you to manage your office and work stress.

Identify the cause of stress

Try to identify what situation in the office puts you under stress. If you want, come home every day and write down your day-to-day office experience in a diary. This will help you more to identify the causes of stress

Positive Thoughts

Once you know the cause of stress, think about how to deal with it in a positive way instead of choosing a negative path to deal with the situation. For example, if you have a quarrel with your spouse in your office, go and talk to him in peace the next day, and discuss why the conflict took place. Find a way together. If you maintain disharmony or act in a spirit of teaching a lesson, the stress will only increase.

Distance from Social Media

Social media also increases stress. This can double your already enlarged work stress. It's not always possible to share ideas on social media that you think. In a tense situation, reading and viewing posts that are different from your thoughts increases the level of stress. It is better to keep a distance from social media for a few days.

Take a break

Continuing to work and not taking breaks from it can lead to stress. Even if you are doing the same thing of your choice, not taking a break from it will increase your stress that will be reflected in your behaviour. This will harm your relationships as well as your health.


If the situation in the office is more stressful, talk to your senior or fellow employee about it. Talking will help you deal with the stressful situation.

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