Saturday, July 27, 2019

Learn Easy Ways to Protect from Mosquitoes

Learn Easy Ways to Protect from Mosquitoes

Cases of Fast-Growing Malaria and Dengue, Learn Easy Ways to Protect from Mosquitoes.
The number of malaria and dengue cases is increasing rapidly. Both these diseases break the patient's body. Even after treatment, it takes a long time to recover from the weakness caused by it. It is better to protect yourself from mosquitoes so that you do not get infected with these diseases.
The most important thing is not to allow water to accumulate anywhere around you. In the rain, water accumulates in many places, giving mosquitoes an opportunity to thrive. Keep cleaning coolers, etc., so that mosquitoes do not increase.

Burn neem oil in the house daily with the help of oil diffuser. Its weathers will not allow mosquitoes to come in in the air of the house. What is important is that neem oil does not harm children, which makes it a safe way to protect them from mosquitoes. However, you can also avoid mosquitoes by applying neem oil on your skin from the market.

Follow this ways

Cut lemon and clove into two halves and apply cloves to it. It will not only keep mosquitoes but also flies away from you.

Plant Tulsi Tulsi plant. The smell from Tulsi is believed to be unloved by mosquitoes, which keeps them away from it.

Peel off the garlic garlic and crush them and boil them in water. Fill this water in a spray bottle and sprinkle it in the corners of the room so that mosquitoes will not enter the room.

Remove the tea tree oil in a bowl and dip some ribbons into it. Hang them in the corners of the room. This will keep mosquitoes away from the room and you.

Baby oil is believed to contain mosquitoes from the elements added to baby oil or creams, so the next time you go to the market, include these creams in the groceries.