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Dangerous of High Blood Pressure Medication Quitting

Dangerous of High Blood Pressure Medication Quitting

Often high blood pressure (BP) patients stop taking the drug in between, but it is quite dangerous. A recent example is that of a 45-year-old giant (name changed), who was brought to the hospital in a state of unconsciousness. The right part of his body was not working. His medical history indicated that he had high blood pressure for the past 7 years, but soon stopped taking the drug.
Vishal took the drug, and after some time the high BP came under control and he quit the drug. One day, a sudden headache started, after which he fainted. The CT scan indicated that the giant had brain hemorrhage and paralyzed the right part of the body. He is currently undergoing treatment. It can be imagined how dangerous it can be for anyone to quit the drug.

In this regard, Dr. Singh, director of the Trans-Radial Interventional Program at Max Hospital, said, "We are not going to be able to do that. Rajiv Rathi says that High BP is a silent killer and a condition that can affect vital organs like heart, brain, kidney and eyes over time. About 2.6 lakh people in the country die due to high BP, he says. It has become the oldest disease in the country. Lifestyle changes are crucial for the management and prevention of high BP and its causes of health problems. Such Identities Are High BP Symptoms, Caution In Catering.

What Say Study

Dr. According to Rathi, hypertension is defined as blood pressure that is 140/100. 90 mm is consistently higher than HG levels. Due to lack of symptoms, the condition is known only a few years after the actual onset. Therefore, precautionary measures are necessary. Especially among those whose families have had this problem in the past. A recent study on 6,13,815 patients revealed that a 10 mm reduction in HG systolic blood pressure can also significantly reduce the incidence of heart failure, brain hemorrhage, heart attack and death. The study has proved the importance and necessity of controlling blood pressure without any doubt.

It is also a statistic

More than 50 per cent of Indians passing through the high BP are unaware of their position, he says. Surprisingly, only 13 per cent of every seven patients eat one or less of the high BP-reducing drug. At the same time, only one out of 10 people can control the high BP. Only 13 per cent of high BP patients take medicines as prescribed by the doctor. There is a need to make people aware that if they do not eat high BP medicine and do not treat it, it can also define other organs of the body.

Blood pressure of more than 130/80 mmhg in the category of High BP

Such control can control high blood pressure
Maintain your right weight according to your height.
Do physical activity every day.
Eat fruits and green vegetables.
Reduce sodium intake to less than 5 grams per day and get potassium from fruits and vegetables.
Use yoga to reduce stress.
Monitor your blood pressure regularly and consult your doctor to keep it under control.