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Anorexia Nervosa - Know detailed information

Anorexia Nervosa - Know detailed information

Anorexia Nervosa - The person who does not eat even food on hunger, may even go know.
Anorexacara nervosa is a mental illness associated with eating disorder. It can also lead to the loss of life of a person. A person suffering from this disease is always afraid of gaining weight, leaving him to eat. Even if he eats food, he can either vomit or exercitiate too much. Such people are very low in weight. Some people even look at the bones, but they continue to lose weight.
There are two types of anorexia. This type of purge type anorexia is filled with guilt when the person who breaks the food ban on himself. For fear of gaining weight, he resorts to excessive exercise, forced vomiting or lacusativitis.

In this way, the person stops the rest of the food on his own. He is very strict about how many calories he eats or has to take fat. Fearing calories or fat gains, people suffering from this type of anorexia keep themselves hungry or not eating more than one or two bytes.

Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa

Weight loss significantly
Blood count remain abnormal
Tired and sleeplessness
Dizziness, repeated fainting
Nails turn blue or change their color
Not having periods on time
Failure to bear weather changes
Yellowing of the skin
Persistent abdominal pain
Making a distance from eating
Avoiding going to a party etc.
Don't eat together
Going into depression
Always feeling tired

More information you should know about this

It is recommended to seek the help of Eating Disorder Specialists, Counsellors, Therapists, Physicians and Nutritionists to recover from treatment anroxia. During this time, counselling of the patient helps him to overcome the mental fear of gaining weight. During this time, the physician helps plan the proper diet while achieving the ideal weight of the physician body.