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Waxing in periods increases sensitivity in the skin

Waxing in periods increases sensitivity in the skin

Skin care depends on the type of skin that is dry for your skin type or between them or may be of mixed type. that the skin is much more sensitive.

1. To take regular skin care, it should be cleaned at least twice a day in a proper manner.

2. Clean your face thoroughly with cosmetics once in the morning.

3. Now use toner a good toner does not contain alcohol at all.

4. Now use a moisturizer that is devoid of perfume and allergy-causing substances that will prevent the skin from feeling dry and itchy.

5. Use the screen with SF 30 plus or more if in the sun, apply every 2 hours before bedtime.

It's also important to know about skin sensitivity

Applying a gel mask if there are resuscitions will relieve this mask helps to keep the affected part of the face cool. Supplements containing lactic acid can help to flush out the crust of the skin and keep the skin fresh. The process of removing hair during periods should be avoided by using Jess waxing as it increases the sensitivity.
Bananas and oranges contain an excess of potassium and it helps to reduce sensitivity and if redness or lumps emerge on the skin immediately after waxing, it should not be replaced by an alternative date for hair removal such as shaving of moisture. In the absence of the skin becomes dry, use the moisturizer after waxing and first.


Tips to speed up career progress

Tips to speed up career progress

If you feel that career is not growing, then focus on becoming multitalented. Career promotion is no longer easy in today's times. Now, not only will it work by completing its scheduled task, but it will also have to take its part in other projects of the company. If you do that, this skill can give good career progress, so you need to develop field skills other than your field. Prepare yourself to face new challenges. Keep updating technical knowledge from time to time. So let's find out today about some of the tips that will help you bust your career. These tips will speed up career progress.
Speed up career progress

1. Prioritize essential tasks

If you don't pay attention to your daily chores, it's also not possible to move on in your career. Therefore, prioritize the work that is required. This way you can easily meet your annual goal. You can also focus on your learning skills. You should also focus on enhancing your abilities for faster growth in your career. You can also join a class or learn from self-learning to learn professional skills.

2. Give some time on networking too

Networking needs to be taken into account both inside and outside the organization. If your network is good within the organization, you can solve your working problems, so after attending any meeting in the office, note the phone number and email address of the seniors there in a diary. This way you will have a good network inside the office. A network of professionals should be created outside the organization.

3. Promote Yourself

You can also get good career progress by promoting yourself. You don't wait for people to appreciate your achievements. If you're doing a good job and get your target ahead of time, that's all it's like to promote yourself. Review your work and discuss it with your boss. If you think Bass is not interested, you can meet the HR manager to talk about your achievement. Keep in mind that whenever you take up the case project, keep in mind the time frame with the result.
4. Do good work

Your attuned in the office should be hard working. Make the most of your education and skills. If you perform well, after a while you will feel that your work is very simple and you can complete it well in no time, so when you focus on your work, there will be time for other things.

5. Create a mentor

It's important to have a mentor to achieve goals in your career, which will inspire you to move towards your goals, if you join the Professional Mattering Group, and you can also give your suggestions on reducing the company's costs. Try to achieve the company's goals by going ahead.

6. Make plans

It's not easy to make any work a success without planning. So prepare a plan before doing any work. You should also have a long term career progress plan to show you how to further your goals. Also develop management skills.


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How to Write a Resume to Get Interview Call

How to Write a Resume to Get Interview Call.

You should know about your resume. How to write a resume that helps you to get an interview call.

The resume is a marketing brochure about you. It describes your skills, experience and education. The purpose of an effective resume is to get you an interview.

You can also define resumes as the gateway to the corporate world. So a good resume is very important to create a better impression.

Some tips that can help you improve your resume for your job

If you are submitting hard copies use better quality paper in colours like white, off-white or neutral.
Check all mistakes related to typing, spelling and grammar.
The font should be 10-12 in size.
Resume should be professional uniform.
The dates in the resume should be uniformly formalised.
Proper use of bold, italic and underline can make your resume effective.
Don't make a mistake in capitalization, spelling, word usage, grammar and information.
Margin should not be less than 0.5 inches.
All entries should be listed in reverse chronological order (currently the oldest).
Your resume should include an address, contact number and a professional email address.
Contact Information should include a link to a professional portfolio, website or LinkedIn page if applicable.
Each academic information should include the name and location of the institution.
Your details should start with strong skill-based actions.
When possible, use quantitative information to prove your results and effects.
Skills should be listed in a different category.
Skills, including computers, languages, technical knowledge and laboratory skills, should be identified in a way.
The level of proficiency should be included as native, fluent, aviator or sensitive.
All information should be correct in the resume.
So always follow these points to write a perfect and impressive resume that gives an impact in the mind of recruiter.


Eating more peppers may increase the risk of dementia - study

Eating more peppers may increase the risk of dementia - Study

Melbournes can be harmful if they are fond of adding more chillies to their food. According to a 15-year-long study, more than 50 grams of chillies per day can increase the risk of dementia. The study was conducted on 4,582 Chinese nationals over 55 years of age. The study revealed that these people who ate more than 50 grams of chillies saw a sharp decline in cognitive functioning. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrients, there was a sharp decline in the memory of thinner people who consumed more chillies.

The study, led by Jumin Shi from Qatar University, revealed that the risk of declining memory and poor cognitive function was almost double the ability of people who eat more than 50 grams of chillies per day. "Our previous studies found that pepper intake was found to be beneficial for body weight and bald pressure," Zuma said. However, in this study we found its adverse effects on adults over the age of 55.

More Information on this study

The study included both green and dry peppers, but not capsicum or pepper, the researchers said. Ming Li, a researcher at South Australia University, said, "Mirch is the most commonly used spice in the world and is more popular in Asia than in European countries. He said that one in three adults in some regions of China like Sichuan and Hunan eat spicy food every day. The capsacin, present in the pepper, accelerates the metabolism of the body.
Capsacin causes more burns in the body calories, which does not increase the body's weight. The antioxidants present in it help in reducing cholesterol. However, this is the first study to examine pepper intake and cognitive function.
The study found that the income of high pepper-eaters as well as the Body Mass Index (BMI) were both low and were physically more active than others. Researchers said that people with normal weight may be more susceptible to pepper intake than people with high weight, so they have an impact on memory and weight.

Osteoporosis causes hollow bones, sneezing can also cause fractures

Osteoporosis causes hollow bones, Sneezing can also cause fractures.

Osteoporosis is a disease that lacks awareness, while according to a WHO report, the disease is the second most affected disease in the world after heart disease. Osteoporosis reduces the strength and density of bones, making it hollow.

The disease is also dangerous because the bones become so weak that sometimes just bending or sneezing. Fractures associated with it usually occur in the spine, wrist and hip parts. Women are more prone to this disease than men.

Osteoporosis causes hollow bones, sneezing may also cause fractures
Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which the bones of the person are so weak that they easily fracture.

Osteoporosis is a disease that lacks awareness, while according to a WHO report, the disease is the second most affected disease in the world after heart disease. Osteoporosis reduces the strength and density of bones, making it hollow.

The disease is also dangerous because the bones become so weak that sometimes just bending or sneezing. Fractures associated with it usually occur in the spine, wrist and hip parts. Women are more prone to this disease than men.
Osteoporosis causes hollow bones, sneezing may also cause fractures
Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which the bones of the person are so weak that they easily fracture.

Osteoporosis is a disease that lacks awareness, while according to a WHO report, the disease is the second most affected disease in the world after heart disease. Osteoporosis reduces the strength and density of bones, making it hollow.

The disease is also dangerous because the bones become so weak that sometimes just bending or sneezing. Fractures associated with it usually occur in the spine, wrist and hip parts. Women are more prone to this disease than men.

Why Osteoporosis Occurs

With ageing, bone growth begins to decrease. In this case, she becomes weak and increases the risk of osteoporosis.
Women have more bone problems than men, which is why they also have more chances of having osteoporosis.
If someone in your family has already suffered from this disease, it may have come in your genes and you may also be affected by osteoporosis at an early age.

Men or women who have low heights are at a higher risk of osteoporosis.

A decrease in thyroid and sex hormones also increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Exclude separations associated with calcium in the diet and vitamin D deficiency in the body make the bones much weaker. This is why the risk of osteoporosis increases.

Prolonged steroid use also increases the risk of osteoporosis by damaging bones.

Excess alcohol and smoking are also among the risk factors of osteoporosis.

The chances of osteoporosis increase even when the person does not exercise in any way.

Rescue Methods

Include protein-rich food in your diet. Protein helps in increasing the density of bones thereby reducing their chances of getting hollowed out.

Control the weight. Overweight increases the pressure on the bones, which increases their wear and decreases the risk of osteoporosis.

Women and men between the ages of 18 and 50 should keep about 1,000 million calcium daily and 1,000 million calcium intake for those aged above to maintain bone strength.

Keep getting the Vitamin N test done. Its deficiency does not allow calcium to absorb, which prevents the bones from getting the benefit of calcium and weakens.
Do exercise every day. Whether heavy workouts are not available but do walking or jogging or yoga to strengthen the bones.


Do not ignore the head injury, such discomfort may be

Do not ignore the head injury

Do not ignore the head injury, such discomfort may be. Toronto loses sniffing power for some time due to severe head injury, most people already know. However, recent research has shown that even a minor head injury can cause the power to smell. Anxiety and restlessness can also be a problem. The study, published in the journal Brain Injury, has found that minor accidents, such as falling off a helmet bike, falling downhill, sliding on ice and hitting one's head, can cause such problems.

"A lot of people have had a mild head injury and their sniffing power has diminished, and they have found out to their doctor about it," said Fannie Lekayer Geger, author of the University of Montreal, Canada, who led the research. You should tell you this. "Patients should tell the doctor about this problem because most doctors don't ask about it. For this research, the researchers compared 20 hospital patients who suffered minor injuries.
Head Injury

There were 22 patients whose limbs were broken, but they did not suffer head injuries. More than half of the patients with mild head injuries had lost their sniffing power within 24 hours of the accident. Only five per cent of the patients who had broken bones had to face the problem. However, after a year all became normal. At the same time, the patients who suffered head injuries were more anxious and restless than the rest. To test their ability to smell, the researchers met those patients at the Alpine ski resort in Switzerland between December 2016 and February 2017.

More facts you should know

All patients were asked to identify the synthetic fragrance of roses, garlic, cloves. A year later, all the patients were sent back to Followup Queschenyar. The researchers compared the results to the two groups of patients who appeared on the day of the injury and 12 months later. In this, the researchers found that most of the patients had returned to sniffing within six months of the accident. However, many of them were found to be suffering from discomfort. About 65 per cent of patients reported such symptoms, the researchers said.


Anorexia Nervosa - Know detailed information

Anorexia Nervosa - Know detailed information

Anorexia Nervosa - The person who does not eat even food on hunger, may even go know.
Anorexacara nervosa is a mental illness associated with eating disorder. It can also lead to the loss of life of a person. A person suffering from this disease is always afraid of gaining weight, leaving him to eat. Even if he eats food, he can either vomit or exercitiate too much. Such people are very low in weight. Some people even look at the bones, but they continue to lose weight.
There are two types of anorexia. This type of purge type anorexia is filled with guilt when the person who breaks the food ban on himself. For fear of gaining weight, he resorts to excessive exercise, forced vomiting or lacusativitis.

In this way, the person stops the rest of the food on his own. He is very strict about how many calories he eats or has to take fat. Fearing calories or fat gains, people suffering from this type of anorexia keep themselves hungry or not eating more than one or two bytes.

Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa

Weight loss significantly
Blood count remain abnormal
Tired and sleeplessness
Dizziness, repeated fainting
Nails turn blue or change their color
Not having periods on time
Failure to bear weather changes
Yellowing of the skin
Persistent abdominal pain
Making a distance from eating
Avoiding going to a party etc.
Don't eat together
Going into depression
Always feeling tired

More information you should know about this

It is recommended to seek the help of Eating Disorder Specialists, Counsellors, Therapists, Physicians and Nutritionists to recover from treatment anroxia. During this time, counselling of the patient helps him to overcome the mental fear of gaining weight. During this time, the physician helps plan the proper diet while achieving the ideal weight of the physician body.


Music Helps Reduce Anxiety Before Anesthesia : Study

Music Helps Reduce Anxiety Before Anesthesia : Study

According to the researchers, music, or music, can be used as an alternative to analgesics, or ancillary drugs, to relieve anxiety and suspense before the peripheral nerve block preservative. Patients are usually given a drug called midazolam as a pain reliever before the nerve block procedure to reduce their anglican.

Use of music as an alternative to medicine.

In a recent study, researchers found that before the nerve block precinct, it would be as effective if patients were to hear relaxation music, as the midazolam drug that is injected directly into the patient's vans. Peripheral nerve block preservacy is a type of regional anesthesia performed under ultrasound guidance at the site of the operation, which blocks the feeling of pain in a particular part of the body. This procedure is used in a variety of orthopedic surgeries such as hip and knee surgery, hand and elbow surgery, etc.

Drug options to reduce patient anxiety

"The results of our study show that there are several drug options to calm the patient before certain things like the nerve block procedure and reduce the patient's ancillation," said study lead Author Veena Graf. We have started a new process at our Ambulatory Surgical Centre and are also giving disposable headphones to the patients who want to listen to the music. After all, our aim is to give patients an alternative as music so that they are relaxed during the pre-operation period and that they do not have any anxiety in their minds. '

Research done by dividing patients into 2 groups

The team of researchers divided 157 adults into 2 different groups and gave them two options 3 minutes before the peripheral nerve block precinct. First- 1-2 mg injection of midazolam drug or second - a headphones on which Marconi Union's 8-minute wetless song was being played, especially for comforting and relaxing the listener singling the north therapist, harmony, rhythm and bass line. It was redesigned. The researchers examined the angle level of both groups before and after using the method and found that the angle levels of both groups had decreased.

Music relaxes muscles

If you don't sleep at night, listen to relaxing music. Surely you will get better sleep. In fact, music relaxes the muscles and removes the distraction of ideas that hinder your sleep. This keeps you mood swings and increases the thinking power. Also, if you are suffering from an illness, the problem gradually improves. That is why music is being resorted to in hospitals these days. Patients who are given music have been seen to take less time to recover. Learn more about listening to music, learn more in the slides ahead.


Dangerous of High Blood Pressure Medication Quitting

Dangerous of High Blood Pressure Medication Quitting

Often high blood pressure (BP) patients stop taking the drug in between, but it is quite dangerous. A recent example is that of a 45-year-old giant (name changed), who was brought to the hospital in a state of unconsciousness. The right part of his body was not working. His medical history indicated that he had high blood pressure for the past 7 years, but soon stopped taking the drug.
Vishal took the drug, and after some time the high BP came under control and he quit the drug. One day, a sudden headache started, after which he fainted. The CT scan indicated that the giant had brain hemorrhage and paralyzed the right part of the body. He is currently undergoing treatment. It can be imagined how dangerous it can be for anyone to quit the drug.

In this regard, Dr. Singh, director of the Trans-Radial Interventional Program at Max Hospital, said, "We are not going to be able to do that. Rajiv Rathi says that High BP is a silent killer and a condition that can affect vital organs like heart, brain, kidney and eyes over time. About 2.6 lakh people in the country die due to high BP, he says. It has become the oldest disease in the country. Lifestyle changes are crucial for the management and prevention of high BP and its causes of health problems. Such Identities Are High BP Symptoms, Caution In Catering.

What Say Study

Dr. According to Rathi, hypertension is defined as blood pressure that is 140/100. 90 mm is consistently higher than HG levels. Due to lack of symptoms, the condition is known only a few years after the actual onset. Therefore, precautionary measures are necessary. Especially among those whose families have had this problem in the past. A recent study on 6,13,815 patients revealed that a 10 mm reduction in HG systolic blood pressure can also significantly reduce the incidence of heart failure, brain hemorrhage, heart attack and death. The study has proved the importance and necessity of controlling blood pressure without any doubt.

It is also a statistic

More than 50 per cent of Indians passing through the high BP are unaware of their position, he says. Surprisingly, only 13 per cent of every seven patients eat one or less of the high BP-reducing drug. At the same time, only one out of 10 people can control the high BP. Only 13 per cent of high BP patients take medicines as prescribed by the doctor. There is a need to make people aware that if they do not eat high BP medicine and do not treat it, it can also define other organs of the body.

Blood pressure of more than 130/80 mmhg in the category of High BP

Such control can control high blood pressure
Maintain your right weight according to your height.
Do physical activity every day.
Eat fruits and green vegetables.
Reduce sodium intake to less than 5 grams per day and get potassium from fruits and vegetables.
Use yoga to reduce stress.
Monitor your blood pressure regularly and consult your doctor to keep it under control.


Risk of Hepatitis-E and A Increases in Monsoon, Learn How to Rescue

Risk of Hepatitis-E and A Increases in Monsoon, Learn How to Rescue.

Monsoon softens with people having infections like fever, cold and cough. People may also be at risk of serious infections like Hepatitis-E and A during this season. This is a serious liver-related disease. Drinking contaminated water can also lead to hepatitis E and A by consuming contaminated food and infected animal meat.


Symptoms of Hepatitis E and A are not easily visible. No symptoms appear only after 2 to 7 weeks after the virus comes in contact. Symptoms usually appear in later 2 months.
Nausea and vomiting
Excessive fatigue
Abdominal pain
Increased liver
Loss of appetite
Joint pain
Yellowing of skin and eyes

According to research from January 2015 to June 2018, 10 million specimens are the most common cases of hepatitis E virus in the country.

At KGMU, the gastrointestinalist Dr According to Abhijit Chandra, drinking contaminated food and water increases the risk of hepatitis E and A, so avoid eating street food and boiling water.

Care to avoid infection

Pay attention to hygiene at home, outside or at the private level, all when taking care of cleanliness. All these habits can prevent this infection. Clean habits should be encouraged. After defecation, do hand wash before preparing food and eating.

Avoid eating dirty food and vegetables, precautions should be taken when making salads and juices of uncooked fruits or vegetables. Avoid buying food from street vendors and never eat fruits that are already cut or washed in dirty water.

Drink clean water should always drink pure or boiled water. Boiling water kills all the bacteria present in it, removes the dirt. Avoid drinking alcohol. This can aggravate liver problems. Consume plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Fruit juice and soup are other good options.

Open defecation should never defecate in the open as it affects the source of water. If these habits are encouraged, it will also help in preventing diseases that are spread through the Fekal-Oral route. Wash your hands with soap after defecation.


These tips will help relieve migraine pain

These tips will help relieve migraine pain

Migraine problems cause unbearable pain. Today, one in every seven people is suffering from migraine. Migraine pain and headache shave the difference. Migraine pain occurs in the right side of the head or in the left side. This pain can last from 2 hours to 72 hours. Sometimes the patient also receives warning signs before the pain starts, which suggests that there is going to be a headache. Migraine is a serious disease that takes time to recover. Therefore, a person suffering from migraine needs to be aware of his health.

Migraine Symptoms and Causes

Among the headaches in migraine are nausea, pain behind the eyes and ears and greater sensitivity to light and voice. About 20 to 25 percent of people with migraine suffer from problems who complain of hearing and hearing difficulties. Migraine pain is caused by the large blood cells and the flow of chemicals from nerve fibers. In times of pain, the head becomes very large in the lower cell. This causes a chemical to flow. It acts as a further widening of irritation, pain and bald cells.

Keep these things in mind

1- Experts say that people with migraine problems should understand what causes migraine, what drugs are effective, how much pain is there, what happens during menstruation, where it hurts In addition to this, there is a difficulty in listening to the vomiting and the view.

2- Lack of proper attention to food is one of the major causes of migraine. We eat anything because we don't have the right information about catering. Then there is a problem of migraine. Eating should be given special attention to avoid migraine pain.

3- People often take penkillers to avoid pain when there is migraine pain. They feel that taking a penkiller is a quick relief, but it is true that the dose of the penkiller is lost in the long run. Therefore, one should not take a penitler without doctor's advice.

4- Doctors say that women who are undergoing menstruation, pregnancies or menopause have a high migraine problem. Therefore, they should eat in time to maintain the balance of hormones. It contains enough protein, whole grains. At the same time, sugar should be consumed within the limits.

These are the reasons why migraine problems may occur

Migraine causes severe pain in half of the head. Untimely treatment and neglect can gradually aggravate the disease. Usually the pain occurs in the back of the neck (membranous covering of the brain and spinal cord) with one or more parts of the head. But sometimes it happens on both sides also. We are telling you about the various causes of having migraine.


Eye Protection need druing Chandra Grahan, Learn Experts' Opinions

Eye Protection need druing Chandra Grahan, Learn Experts' Opinions

Like solar Eclipse, the Lunar Eclipse has many myths, and one of these myths is: Should one see the lunar eclipse with a naked eye without using any protection or special sunglasses? Some people say that the solar eclipse should not be seen with naked eyes as it can damage your eyes but there is no difficulty in observing the lunar eclipse with naked eyes. However, there are others who think the contrary. So what's true, learn here.

What can see the lunar eclipse directly with the eyes?.

According to experts, the Total Lunar Eclipse is completely safe to see with a bare eye and does not harm your eyes. In fact, there are 2 phases of the lunar eclipse – one is the partial phase in which a part of the moon passes through the shadow of the earth and the other is the total lunar eclipse in which the entire moon passes through the shadow of the earth. Experts say that like a solar eclipse, there is no need for any special glasses to observe the lunar eclipse and it is safe to see both the partial lunar eclipse or the total lunar eclipse with naked eyes.

Can also see from a telescope or telescope

According to experts, the lunar eclipse is a celestial phenomenon that is completely safe to see with your eyes and you can see it directly from the beginning of the lunar eclipse to the end of it. You can also use a telescope or a telescope to view the lunar eclipse. You don't need any special filters when using these items.

No Special Preparation Needed

Finally, we can tell you that you don't need to make any special preparations to observe the lunar eclipse, no special filters or glasses. The lunar eclipse does not cause any damage to the eyes so you can see it directly with your naked eyes.


Cardiac arrest and heart attack both are separate

Cardiac arrest and heart attack both are separate

Keep this information because it's a matter of heart. Most people consider heart attack and cardiac arrest to be the same problem, but in reality there is a big difference between the two. The cardiac aristocrats stop the heartbeat suddenly and require immediate medical care, but often people make the mistake of treating the cardiac aristocrats as a heart attack. It is noteing that there are no symptoms before the cardiac arrest, while the body begins to signal before a heart attack. Here we are emphasizing some of the things that explain the difference between a heart attack and a cardiac arrest.
Cardiac arrest and heart attack

What is Cardiac Arrest

In this situation, the heart suddenly stops working, with the process of breathing and the condition of the subconscious stopping. This leads to sudden obstruction of heart activity, which stops the blood pumping process. This prevents the circulation of blood to the brain, lungs and other organs of the body. In case of non-availability of medical care immediately, the person's bean may be in a matter of minutes. Doctors believe that when ventricular fibrillation is created in the heart, the exchange of information from different parts of the heart becomes messed up. This happens when an overdose of fibrinogen is found in the blood. This adversely affects the heartbeat and causes the victim to struggle between life and death.

Biaware - It is not surprising that there are no symptoms before the cardiac arrest, while the body begins to signal before a heart attack.

In case of heart disease, do not cause any carelessness, get medical advice immediately and carry out routine tests regularly.

Immediate treatment required

For the treatment of cardiac aristocracy, immediate cardio pulmonary resiating i.e. CPR is given so that the heartbeat is regular and also electric shocks are given through the diffibiltore to bring back the heartbeat.  Cardiac aristocrats are more likely to be caused by heart disease.  Especially those who have suffered a heart attack in the first time are more prone to cardiac arrest. Such people should be in the way of the people as much as they can. Stayed alone at least.

Heart attack

Myocardial infraction occurs when the coronary artery of the body suddenly becomes blocked, this artery causes blood to reach our heart muscles and when blood stops reaching there, it becomes inactive, i.e., some muscles inside the heart when a heart attack occurs. There are a variety of treatments to remove such blockages in the arteries, including angioplasty, stenting and surgery, which attempt to deliver blood to the heart.

This is The Risk Factors

There are many lifestyle risk factors that increase the risk of cardiac aristocrats, including high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol levels, decreased physical activity, weight gain or obesity. Cardiac aristocrats do not have any subconsciousness or heartbeat. Heart attack shows symptoms such as lowering of breath, pain in jaw, chest and arm, nausea.

Don't ignore it

Feeling of chest pain or heaviness or tightness in the chest for more than 30 seconds.
Feeling tired or restless without any reason, breathlessness, pain from the chest to the left hand and back.
Feeling of burning or discomfort in the chest

Symptoms are different

Cardiac aristocrats are known to be on the tar of the heart's electrical malfunction, while blood circulation plays a major role in a heart attack. Cardiac aristocrats can occur suddenly without any symptoms, whereas a heart attack may start to show signs a few days in advance, which need to be observed. It is not necessary for men and women to have the same symptoms of heart attack and cardiac arrest. According to many studies, many symptoms may be the same in women and men, but some symptoms are different, with preclampsia in women, which is caused by high blood pressure during pregnancy. In addition, menopause also increases the risk of heart diseases in women. Pain in the chest is usually believed to be the primary symptom of a heart attack or cardiac aristocracy, but it is not necessary. Discomfort, nausea, fatigue, back, shoulder and neck pain can also be symptoms. Also, the symptoms of obstruction in the artery are more visible in men.

Make intake

Honey can be consumed by mixing it with milk for better blood circulation in the body.


To control high blood pressure, add orange juice to coconut water and take it two or three times a day.


Drinking lemon water is beneficial when blood pressure increases.


Regular intake improves heart rate and relieves pain of any kind.


It also protects new cells and prevents diseases other than the heart.


This improves blood cholesterol levels and also facilitates oxidation. Try to regularize the use of onions.


In AIIMS study, claims herbal medicine has filled wounds like allopathy

In AIIMS study, claims herbal medicine has filled wounds like allopathy

Like allopathy, herbal medicine is also effective in healing wounds. This has been revealed in the AIIMS study. The doctor says that the benefit of allopathy is the same as herbal medicine. For the first time, herbal medicine was used to heal the burn wounds. Manish Singhal, an HOD doctor at the Burn Department at AIIMS who led the trial, said that while we may be positive about natural products, doctors often avoid using it because of lack of evidence.

Dr. Manish said that the AYUSH Ministry had asked for a study on this particular type of herbal medicine. He said the drug had been used by people in the Tribal area, but it was not used medically as there was no scientific evidence. The AYUSH Ministry provided the medicine for the trial. The patient's care for the trial was done by the Burn Department of AIIMS.
Dr Singhal said that since herbal medicine was being used for the first time, it was used only on patients suffering from superficial burns. We did not want to use it on very deep wounds. We selected 60 such patients and divided them into groups of 30-30. In one group, normal allopathic medicine was given and in another group herbal medicine was given. The trial found that herbal was the same as the allopathic medicine that was effective in wound healing. Some patients saw more effects than that. That's a big deal, because we can now feel free to use it.
He said the big fear in the use of allopathic medicine is of side effects. Doctors also do not want a patient to undergo side effects. While the trial on a similar natural product is showing an advantage on the one hand, it is also cheaper if there are no side effects. "Our trial has been completed and now we have the evidence, we will submit the report of the trial to the AYUSH Ministry soon," the doctor said.


Learn Easy Ways to Protect from Mosquitoes

Learn Easy Ways to Protect from Mosquitoes

Cases of Fast-Growing Malaria and Dengue, Learn Easy Ways to Protect from Mosquitoes.
The number of malaria and dengue cases is increasing rapidly. Both these diseases break the patient's body. Even after treatment, it takes a long time to recover from the weakness caused by it. It is better to protect yourself from mosquitoes so that you do not get infected with these diseases.
The most important thing is not to allow water to accumulate anywhere around you. In the rain, water accumulates in many places, giving mosquitoes an opportunity to thrive. Keep cleaning coolers, etc., so that mosquitoes do not increase.

Burn neem oil in the house daily with the help of oil diffuser. Its weathers will not allow mosquitoes to come in in the air of the house. What is important is that neem oil does not harm children, which makes it a safe way to protect them from mosquitoes. However, you can also avoid mosquitoes by applying neem oil on your skin from the market.

Follow this ways

Cut lemon and clove into two halves and apply cloves to it. It will not only keep mosquitoes but also flies away from you.

Plant Tulsi Tulsi plant. The smell from Tulsi is believed to be unloved by mosquitoes, which keeps them away from it.

Peel off the garlic garlic and crush them and boil them in water. Fill this water in a spray bottle and sprinkle it in the corners of the room so that mosquitoes will not enter the room.

Remove the tea tree oil in a bowl and dip some ribbons into it. Hang them in the corners of the room. This will keep mosquitoes away from the room and you.

Baby oil is believed to contain mosquitoes from the elements added to baby oil or creams, so the next time you go to the market, include these creams in the groceries.


Diet Soda increases the risk of Dementia and stroke

Diet Soda increases the risk of Dementia and stroke, learn how

Overdose of diet soda can increase the risk of dementia and stroke. A study conducted by researchers from Boston University's School of Medicine revealed this. Drinks like diet soda contain artificial sweeteners like aspertamasm and sacran, which can make drinks harmful to our health. The study report has been published in the American Heart Association's journal Stroke.

For this study, the researchers monitored about 4,000 people, 3,000 of whom showed the possibility of developing dementia or stroke. When a follow-up was taken from them 10 years later, it was revealed that those who consumed drinks such as diet soda were at a high risk of Alzheimer's and stroke.

Soda is harmful to the internal organs of the body.

Diet, age, fitness attention given on several factors
When the team of researchers noted the rest of these factors such as diet, smoking conditions, fitness and age, it was found that they were more likely to develop health problems. However, the most interesting thing was that the team was unable to explain the link between the three. The study was observational and required further research to find out whether diet soda was the cause of dementia and stroke.

3 percent to stroke and 5 percent to dementia

Matthew Paes, a senior fellow at Boston University School of Medicine, told a news portal, "Even though some people are three times more likely to develop a stroke or dementia problem, it is not by luck." "Our research showed that 3 per cent of people had strokes and 5 percent were at risk of dementia. So, we are still talking about a small number of them


Plastic Surgery: Not just beauty, it also returns lost confidence

Plastic Surgery: Not just beauty, it also returns lost confidence

When it comes to plastic surgery, it is generally considered a way to enhance beauty and change face, whereas in reality it is a way for people who have lost their confidence due to an accident or illness. It is nothing less than a donation. It will be even more important to know that India ranks fourth in the world in terms of plastic surgery. For ordinary people, the knowledge of plastic surgery is limited to changing the face of the main character or using it to enhance the beauty of a big star to reinvent the story in films and television serials. But experts say that in many cases it is a lifeblood.
Dr Ashish Rai, Associate Director of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at Jaypee Hospital, Noida, said that it is not good to link plastic surgery with beauty alone. It is not confined to improving any part of the body, but it can be returned not only to the victims of accidents or serious diseases, but also to the lost self-confidence. There has been a lot of progress in the field of plastic surgery in our country and statistics show that our country is becoming the world's trusted place in plastic surgery. Dr. Rai said that India is fourth in the field of plastic surgery after the US, Brazil and China. The market for plastic surgery in India is growing at the rate of 30 per cent and there are 10 per cent foreigners who have undergone plastic surgery. It is important that people get the right information about this important mode of medical science. Plastic Surgery Day is celebrated on 15th July every year to create awareness among people about plastic surgery and its usefulness. Dr. Shishir Agarwal, Senior Consultant for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery at Shri Balaji Action Medical Institute, explains the difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, saying cosmetic surgery is only a part of plastic surgery, but the difference between the two In fact, cosmetic surgery focuses entirely on the beauty of a body part.
This includes giving the desired shape to these organs. Describing plastic surgery as revolutionary, Dr. Agarwal describes this as a long and arduous procedure, which requires a surgeon's provenness for the right results. At the same time, he tries to take all necessary precautions for the surgeon and the patient during the process. Dr. Roy explained that at times serious accidents cause damage to the face and foreskin, which doctors resort to plastic surgery to heal and perform surgery according to facial texture, also known as "facial reconstructive surgery".
This surgery plays a big role in bringing back the confidence of the patient. In addition, the part is repaired by plastic surgery in case of accidental skin burns or damage. Such surgery is performed at several stages. Describing plastic surgery as a rauncious gift in some cases, Dr. Roy points out that becoming a mother is God's blessing in itself, but nowadays the number of caesarean deliveries has increased significantly compared to normal delivery. The stitches of caesarean leave stains on the body forever.
These stains can be relieved through plastic surgery. In addition, in the event of cancer or any other disease that distorts any part of the body and to remove any congenital malformation, reconstructive or reconstructive surgery is performed, whereas in some cases, in case of a change of sex, the body is undergoing plastic surgery. Crafting takes place. The growing need for plastic surgery can be gauged from the fact that Delhi/Delhi is not the only one who has been required to undergo plastic surgery. Plastic surgery facility is available in almost all the hospitals of NCR.

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Modi overtakes Akshay Kumar and Ramdev in fitness push

Modi overtakes Akshay Kumar and Ramdev in fitness push

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been at the forefront of the country for the second consecutive time in terms of motivated health. The list names Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and yoga guru Baba Ramdev after PM Modi. The health survey Top 30 Health Influenza 2019, conducted by the country's most prestigious and famous fitness wear brand, was announced by the government.
Dhoni, Kohli, Ranveer, Kareena join top 10. Cricketers Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, Tiger Shroff, Actres Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are among the top-10 in the list of health-inspired people.

Effort to Identify Influential Healthcare Celebrities

"This report is an effort to identify the most influential healthcare personalities in our country who have the strength to make India healthier, the goal of the Government of India as well as ours," said the founder and CEO of Fitness Year Brand. PM Modi was instrumental in launching the International Day of Yoga in 2015, which is now celebrated globally. He is keen not only to improve India, but also to improve the health and fitness of Indians. He still measures to stay fit despite being 68.

Most Fit Celebrity Are Akshay Kumar

In addition, the report says that Akshay Kumar is undoubtedly India's most fit celebrity, trained in martial arts and has also acquired a black belt in Taekwondo. At the same time, the report says yoga is an integral part of life for Guru Ramdev. The number of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for the scoring system, the number of news and how much each person's career focuses on fitness and health. This data was collected between January and March 2019.
Sitting up late makes thrust at the waist.

If you are one of those who sit at your work station for hours at the office or travel on frequent flights or roads because of work, you need to know that sitting for too long is not conducive to your back. Sitting too long can put a lot of emphasis on the waist and cause pain and nerve pain in the back of the spine. So you can maintain your fitness while sitting on the workplace by using these tips to maintain your spine health and relieve back pain.


Learn how to prevent sexually transmitted infection

Learn how to prevent sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Sexual transmitted infections or sexually transmitted diseases are diseases caused by women and men. There are many types of these. It contains HIV/AIDS. AIDS, human papilloma virus infection, herpes, hepatitis, shankcruid, pubic lice, HPV, etc.

Some of these diseases can be cured, and some are treated for life. If the infection increases, the person may be killed. This is why doctors insist on more preventive methods than to treat the disease so that the infection does not arise.

Rescue Methods

Use condoms during sex.
Do not share towels or undergarments.
Wash the private part before and after sex.
Get hepatitis B vaccine.
Get regular tests to find out if there is a STI.
Avoid having sex with strangers.
Just have sex with your partner. This significantly reduces the risk of STDs.

Unprotected sex can lead to a variety of diseases, many of which are fatal. Awareness about safe sex is also being spread around the world, but many people do not use condoms. Thus, they become victims of many diseases and infections that are extremely dangerous. Today we're going to tell you about some of the deadly diseases that spread by sex:

What if STD is positive?

If you get STI or STD positive in the test, you need to take some precautions.
Repent from sex until you see the doctor and start your treatment.
Follow the doctor's instructions seriously.
Use condoms.
Do not be sexually active until you get OK from your doctor.

Stepped alcohol treatment helps HIV-positive people with drinking water problem
Get time-to-time tests done to see how much CONTROL of STDs have been or is fixed.
Do your partner's test as a precautionary measure if sTI positive exit.


Low Blood Pressure: Causes, Symptoms and Methods of Prevention

Low Blood Pressure: Causes, Symptoms and Methods of Prevention

Low blood pressure or say low blood pressure is called hypertension in medical language. If a person's blood pressure reading is less than 90 and 60, he falls under the category of people with low BP. Low BP can have many reasons such as lack of water in the body, bad effects of medicine, surgery or serious injury, genetics, stress, drugs, bad eating habits, over-appetite, etc.

Low blood pressure also points to heart disease, as blood flow directly depends on the pumping of the heart. Any difficulty in arteries can cause blood pumping, which does not allow enough blood to reach the body parts.


To feel giddy, dark enmit, look blurred, vomit, get tired, Have trouble meditating, to swoon, face whitening, Difficulty breathing, and Have trouble eating

Be Careful

There is a need to take precautions against low blood pressure. In this situation, the body parts do not have proper blood supply, which can lead to stroke, heart attack and kidney failure. If BP is too low, the person may faint, causing serious injury to his head. In many such cases, cases of brain haemorrhage have also been reported.


If the person takes some precautions, the low BP situation can be avoided:
Do not keep too little salt in the food. Salt plays an important role in maintaining the BP of the body.
Keep 8 glasses of water or any other liquid intake during the day to keep the body hydrated.
Avoid getting up from the bottom to the bottom.
Medication should be taken only on the advice of a doctor. If you have a reaction to a drug, it can also cause BP to get messed up.
Avoid taking too much mantle or physical stress.
Do not consume cigarettes and alcohol.
Include more vegetables and fruits in the food.
Avoid high-carb foods.


It is better to consult a doctor if symptoms of low blood pressure are noticed. Doctors can better determine the condition and cause of BP. Accordingly, he advises on how to normalize and maintain medicine or BP. Yoga and exercise also help maintain blood pressure in the body. However, if you are already a low BP professional, consult a doctor and expert before joining any yoga or exercise class.


45-year-old's lung resemlied by air pollution

45-year-old's lung resemlied by air pollution.

A five-year study on nearly three million people tried to find out how air pollution affects our lungs, and the results are surprising. However, we are all aware that the rising level of air pollution is rapidly reducing the life span of a human being. Now, according to this new study, pollutants in the air are aging human lungs.

Rapidly decreasing lung function capacity

Due to aging of the lungs, the lungs weaken prematurely and their ability to process the oxygen required for all functions of the body decreases and blood circulation is also affected. Air pollution is not only weakening your lungs but also increasing the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The disease causes inflammation and swelling of the lungs, causing the respiratory tract to gradually narrow, causing breathing problems.

Lungs of a 45-year-old person like a 61-year-old person

The presence of PM2.5 air pollutants in the air makes your lungs grow 2 years older every year and lung performance also decreases rapidly. For example, if you live in a city like Delhi that is one of the top 5 or top 10 most polluted cities in the world, your body and lungs especially your lungs start aging before your actual age. If you are 45 years old, your lungs will be like the lungs of a 61-year-old person and are responsible for every hin growing pulsion.

Aging process gaining momentum due to air pollution

The results of this research, published in the Journal of European Respiratory, show that as we get older, lung performance decreases, but air pollution is speeding up the aging process and the lungs are the most likely. It is suffering. The participants in the study were examined for their exposure to age, gender, body mass index, income, education level, smoking status and second hand smoke.


Stop drinking alcohol, mental health will be better

Stop drinking alcohol, mental health will be better - Study

A recent study has revealed that women who quit the habit of alcoholic drinking will have better mental health and will also be able to lead a better life. Michael Ni, professor at the University of Hong Kong, says, "There is a lot of evidence during the study that suggests moderate drinking under the Healthy Diet.

Moderate drinks less than 7 drinks a week

The study, published in the journal The Canadian Medical Association, included 10,386 people from Hong Kong's family coherts who were non-drinkers or moderate drinkers between 2009 and 2013. Moderate drinking means 14 drinks a week for men or less and 7 drinks a week for women or less.

Comparison of two different study results

The data and results of the study were compared to the results of a survey conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in the United States for 31 thousand people. The average age of the participants in the family cohert study was 49 years and 56 per cent of them were women. About 64 per cent of them were male and 88 per cent were non-drinkers.

Mental health better for non-alcoholic drinkers

At the beginning of the study, it was revealed that women and men who had never consumed alcohol in life were found to have the best mental health. Women who gave up the habit of alcoholic drinking saw a better change in mental health, both in the inter-American study and the Hong Kong study.

Quality of Life Will Be Better

If the necessary and effective strategy is not adopted, alcohol intake will continue to increase worldwide, says Michael Nee. The results of our study suggest that fear of moderate drinking can improve mental health and quality of life.


Eating fish 3 times a week will reduce the risk of rectal cancer

Eating fish 3 times a week will reduce the risk of rectal cancer.

Recent research on rectal cancer, that is, rectal cancer, has come to light. It explains how to reduce the risk of this cancer by changing its diet. According to this research, if you consume three or more fish a week, the risk of cancer is reduced to a great extent.

In this regard, researchers from the University of Oxford and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) examined the diet habits of 476,160 people. For this, the researchers prepared a series of questions. How often and what accounts do participants eat? These questions were to be answered. The survey gave details on the fish intake of the participants, which included white, fatty, oily and lean fish.

It was then revealed through the results that eating 359.1 grams of fish per week has reduced the risk of cancer by 12 per cent compared to less than 63.49 grams a week. Meanwhile, only 123.9 grams of oily fish like salmon and sardines experienced a 10 per cent lower risk of rectal cancer in a week. After these results, the researchers made it clear that the inclusion of fish in the diet reduces the risk of rectal cancer. So, it should be included in the diet.

Dr Singh, a leading researcher at the International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC, said, "It is a good day to have new research. Mark Gunter said the findings show that eating fish as part of a healthy diet should be encouraged. However, Ganter also talked about another part of the study. He said the diet data collected from the participants did not reveal how many people consume fish oil. Gunter said, "Supplementing this unmatched fish oil can also affect rectal cancer, so further research will need to see if fish or fish oil affects the risk of Rectal cancer

Learn about Rectal Cancer

Colons and rexands in our body together form a part of the large intestine. The large intestine that carries the remains of the cooked food from the small intestine. It then absorbs and expels harmful elements from the anus. However, when the colon and the reclusive or both the parts suddenly rise, it gradually becomes a cancer.

What is the symptoms of rectal cancer?

The symptoms of rectal cancer include bleeding in the stool, change in the colour of the tool, blockage of the intestines, blood loss in the body, constant abdominal cramps, weight loss and fatigue all the time without any work. Any such symptom is said to be immediately consulted.

Causes of rectal cancer

Doctors say that uan nhealthy diet is also the main cause of retal cancer. For instance, more and more fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet. Moreover, if there is a shortage of fibre in the food, it increases the risk of recalcitra cancer. However, the risk of this cancer is largely low among fish eaters.

Rectal cancer cases in India

According to NICPR of the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research, it is the seventh leading cancer in India. However, the incidence of cancer in India is lower than in western countries.

About 115 cases per day in the UK

The research also revealed that there are about 42 thousand cases of rape cancer in the UK every year. That is, there are about 115 new patients every day.


Manage office and work stress like this

Manage office and work stress like this

Occupational or work stress is considered to be a major challenge for the health of the employee worldwide. Employees suffering from stress are poor health, less motivating, less productive and less secure at work. Stress-filled environment or employee's stress has a negative impact on the performance of the institute.


Low Salary
More workloads
lack of growth at work
not get the job of choice
Lack of boss support
lack of expectations
non-positive of peers
Workplace Disagreement

Loss of work stress

If the office stress lasts longer, it is not far away even when you reach home. The person is not normal, which affects his health. Stressful work place can cause an employee to face problems such as headache, stomach ache, sleep problems, increased anger and lack of focus on work.

Prolonged survival leads to problems such as aggravation, sleeplessness, worsening OFP and weakening of the immune system. It also leads to depression, obesity, and heart disease.

How to Manage

This tips will help you to manage your office and work stress.

Identify the cause of stress

Try to identify what situation in the office puts you under stress. If you want, come home every day and write down your day-to-day office experience in a diary. This will help you more to identify the causes of stress

Positive Thoughts

Once you know the cause of stress, think about how to deal with it in a positive way instead of choosing a negative path to deal with the situation. For example, if you have a quarrel with your spouse in your office, go and talk to him in peace the next day, and discuss why the conflict took place. Find a way together. If you maintain disharmony or act in a spirit of teaching a lesson, the stress will only increase.

Distance from Social Media

Social media also increases stress. This can double your already enlarged work stress. It's not always possible to share ideas on social media that you think. In a tense situation, reading and viewing posts that are different from your thoughts increases the level of stress. It is better to keep a distance from social media for a few days.

Take a break

Continuing to work and not taking breaks from it can lead to stress. Even if you are doing the same thing of your choice, not taking a break from it will increase your stress that will be reflected in your behaviour. This will harm your relationships as well as your health.


If the situation in the office is more stressful, talk to your senior or fellow employee about it. Talking will help you deal with the stressful situation.

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Scholarships worth Rs 12,500 a month are big things the Modi government's plan

Scholarships worth Rs 12,500 a month are big things the Modi government's plan.

Government help can be given up to Rs 3 lakh in education, but conditions apply.
If you have talent, your education is not going to stop, even if you are financially weak. The Modi government is offering scholarships to pursue such talented students. Find out the rules and take advantage of it. The Ministry of Human Resource Development is offering scholarships of Rs 12,500 per month to post-graduation students in the stream to promote technical education.
Students must qualify for GATE or GPAT to achieve this scholarship. GATE/GPAT Qualified Students who are pursuing a Master's degree in AICTE Recognized Technical Institution can apply online for this scholarship. Students who are admitted to M. Tech, M.E., M.Arch or M.Pharma can receive this scholarship every month.

Narendra Modi Government Giving Scholarships who will get scholarships and who will not

The government's emphasis is on promoting higher studies in technical education. Every year, students who graduate to the master's degree in this stream receive this scholarship. There are a few things that need to be taken care of in the case of scholarship. It can usually be applied online until October.

-Students who receive scholarships are eligible for the gate/receive. Admission to be taken with GPAT score. AFTER ADMISSION GATE/D Students qualifying GPAT cannot receive scholarships.

Students who receive scholarships cannot avail any other kind of financial assistance, any other type of scholarship, salary or allowance during their studies.

- Foreign students or those seeking admission from management quotas cannot get these scholarships.

Students pursuing scholarships will need at least 8 to 10 hours a week to do teaching-related work or research. These works will give them their own institute.

Scholarships of Rs.12,500 will be available every month. But it will also assess the performance of students during their studies at the Institution. Scholarships will continue only for students who perform satisfactorily.

-Scholarships will be offered for a maximum of 24 months or till the duration of the course is over.

Scholarship Taking Rules

Scholarships being cancelled

Scholarships may be cancelled if complaints of indiscipline or misconduct are found.
Students who receive scholarships can take a 15-day casual leave a year, a maximum of 30 days of medical leave and maternity leave as per government instructions.
Scholarships will be offered as per AICTE policy. Any changes in this regard will be reported through the newspaper or portal.