Thursday, June 20, 2019

MR Union demands boycott of Mankind pharma company submitted to IMA

MR Union demands boycott of Mankind pharma company submitted to IMA.

Haryana State Medical and Sales Representative Union, demanded boycott of Mainkind pharma by handing over memorandum to IMA State President Dr. K.S. Khokhar.

State Chief Secretary Manoj Kumar, State General Secretary Umesh Munjal, State Joint Secretary General Kulwant Rai, Rohtak District President Naseeb Poonia said in the memorandum submitted to Rohtak, IMA State President Dr. KS Khokhar, in the State Level Division of Union of that said that under current circumstances, pharma companies are harassing employees. In addition to psychological and physical exploitation of the pharmaceutical representative, they are engaged in Sector are also violations of constitutional rights.

It has been stated in the memorandum that in a meeting of the company, Mainkind Pharma put pressure on the employees to leave the union in Haryana-Punjab and threatened that if they do not leave the union, their transfer will be done in far flung areas or Sales Target 5 times will be increased and will be removed from the company.
It was also mentioned in the Main Kind Company meeting that a team of Chandigarh would be fighting against the union and the agency which has contracted this agreement with the pharma company is notorious for making unethical pressure on the drug representatives and union leaders. That's why they will file false cases against the leaders of the union.

The union has demanded from the IMA not to use their products while boycotting Menakinde Pharma. He has also demanded from the government to ban companies that exploit their employees and snatch constitutional rights.


Most of Applications in B.Pharma and Computer Science

Most of the Applications in B.Pharma and Computer Science.

A large number of students are applying every day for admission to Gurugram University. Admission started on 1st June. The craze of Pharmacy course specailly B.Pharma is exponentially increasing in the country because more focus of industries into helathcare and wellness area.

Application in B.Pharma

A large number of students are applying every day for admission to Gurugram University. As of Friday evening, 788 students have registered in the admission process that began on June 1. In which computer science, Bachelor of Pharmacy, has shown the highest trend of students.

B. Pharma has only 60 seats, but 114 students have applied so far. So far, 114 students have applied for 43 seats in MCOM. On the other hand, BTech has received 99 applications for 138 seats for 60 seats and 43 FOR 43 MBAs. With 25 days left for application, more registrations are expected in the coming days. According to information received from the university, students are being charged Rs 500 for online registration, despite the fact that there are many students applying for different courses. In the second education session at Gurgaon University, students are showing a very high trend. While the admissions were due to start late in 2018-19, there were no seats in many disciplines but this time 2 to 3 contenders are still contesting for one seat in several disciplines.

So far 114 students have applied for 43 seats in M.Com.

What's your opinion on the increasing popularity of pharmacy courses in the country.